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What Are Types of Pouches?

  • Release Lime: Sep 05 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Bags are familiar to everyone, and we often use bags to pack food in our daily lives. But do you know what are types of pouches?
Let us introduce you to several now.
Types of Pouches

1. Three sides seal pouch: There are two side seams and a top seam pouch, the bottom edge of which is formed by a horizontally folded film. These pouches can be folded or not, and when folded, they can stand upright on the shelf. One variant of the three-side sealing pouch is that the bottom edge formed by folding the original side is realized by bonding, so that it essentially becomes a four-side sealing pouch.
2. Back sealing pouch: Also known as pillow type bags, the bag has a back, upper and lower seals, so that they have the shape of a pillow, and many foods are often packed in pillow type pouch. The back seam of the pillow type pouch forms a fin-shaped envelope. In this configuration, the inner layers of the film are sealed together and the seam protrudes from behind the packaged pouch.
3. Folding pouch. Also called the organ bag, it is the deformation of the back bag, which is folded into the bag to form the M shape.
4. Four sides sealing pouch. It is usually made of the top, side and bottom edges of the two materials. It is possible to use two different plastic resin materials compared to the pouch mentioned above. The four-sided sealing pouch can be made in various shapes such as a heart shape or an oval shape.
5. Zipper pouch. An easy-open zipper is mounted on the three-side envelope and the main bag.
6. Stand up pouch. There are many types, mainly the following types: ①Bottom shaped stand up pouch ②Folding bottom integrated stand up pouch ③Oblique knife heat sealed stand up pouch ④Bottle shaped knife mold stand up pouch ⑤Stand up pouch with spout.
7. Special-shaped pouch. A pouch shaped like a fruit, a cartoon, etc.
The above is our common types of pouches. We can produce all these types of pouches according to your requirements. If you have any demand, please contact us.

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