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How to Bottle Honey?

  • Release Lime: Sep 04 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to bottle honey? We know that honey is sticky, and if the filling method is not correct, it is very easy to leak and stick to the mouth of the container, and it is not beautiful. So how to bottle honey clean and easy?
As a filling machine manufacturer, we specially designed this honey bottle filling machine according to the needs and suggestions of our customers, which is specially used for filling honey.
How to bottle honey by the machine?
The piston driven by the cylinder pushes the material in the hopper through the three-way forwarding to pump the feeding pipe, and then the material is pushed out through the three-way rotary valve driven by the cylinder. The material enters the container from the filling nozzle, and the amount of filling is controlled by the stroke pushed close by the cylinder. The measuring cylinder of the filling machine is connected to the filling head respectively. Through the reciprocating motion of the main cylinder, the quantitative objects are inhaled and then injected into the container.

Why use the machine to fill honey?
1. Accurate filling
The intelligent operation program can adjust the speed and volume of the canning at will, and can switch between automatic and manual operation. For different containers can achieve a good filling operation in a short time.
2. Simple operation
Light and simple material and three-dimensional structure make it easy to grasp the operation method. In addition, pneumatic components can be used to automatically pump and fill the machine, even different shapes and specifications of the container can quickly adjust the height and speed.
 Honey Bottle Filling Machine

How to choose a good machine?
1. Look at the filling speed of the machine
It is important to know the filling speed and response of the machine effectively when selecting the machine. After all, fast filling speed can relieve the demand of large amount of filling and bring practical production help to the enterprise. The filling speed can also be used to understand the performance of the machine.
2. Look at the convenience of machine cleaning
Because the machine is mainly used for filling various sticky products, in order to ensure the cleanliness and environmental protection of the machine, the machine needs to be cleaned effectively every day. So in the choice of machines to consider the convenience of machine cleaning, only cleaning convenient equipment can be more conducive to the long-term use of users.

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