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What Is The Difference Between Can and Bottle Beer?

  • Release Lime: Sep 02 2019
  • Source: Sherry
In the beer market, the design of the bottles is very important and the design of the bottles is varied. The most common on the market today are bottle beer and can beer. But what is the difference between can and bottle beer?
1. bottle beer
Many beers are filled in glass bottles, and most bottles are green or brown. Green beer bottles related to tradition: There were no special beer bottles in the 19th century, and the wine bottles might be used( due to the limitations of the glass manufacturing process, most of the time was green bottles). When there was a special beer bottle, the tradition of green bottles was preserved. The brown beer bottle is used because it can effectively block the light. The light will promote the reaction of the alpha acid in the beer with the sulfide, which makes the taste of the beer worse. The use of a brown beer bottle can hinder the reaction. The beer tastes better and the beer can be stored for a longer time. Moreover, glass bottles do not have the same strange taste as plastics, and can withstand relatively high pressures.
 Bottle Beer
2. Can beer
The can beer is mainly portable and suitable for young people. In history, many large-volume, relatively cheap beer is filled with cans, so many people think that can beer is low-end beer. In fact, cans have good barrier properties, opaque and oxygen-proof, and can block ultraviolet rays, which is conducive to maintaining the fresh taste of beer. In addition, cans conduct heat better than glass bottles, and chilled beer is much faster. A growing number of Craft Beer are also using cans, so cans are not low-end Beer.
 Can Beer
In fact, there are not much difference between can and bottle beer, the beer are the same, it's just that some process parameters are controlled differently when packaging. And you can only to change some parts of beer bottling machine to fill the beer into cans and bottle.

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