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What Is the Use of Wrapping Machine?

  • Release Lime: Aug 18 2021
  • Source: Sherry
What is the use of wrapping machine? For the tea box, its use is to waterproof, moisture-proof, and retain the fragrance of the tea, it can also extend the shelf life of tea.
How cellophane is made?

Cellophane is made of cellulose from cotton, wood, hemp or other natural resources. It starts out as a white dissolving pulp, which contains 92%-98% cellulose. Then, the raw cellulose pulp is converted into cellophane through the following four steps.
1. The cellulose is dissolved in alkali (alkaline ion salt of alkali metal chemicals) and then aged for several days. This dissolution process is called mercerizing. This dissolution process is called mercerizing.
2. Carbon disulfide is applied to mercerized pulp to produce a solution called cellulose xanthate or viscose.
3. This solution was then added to a mixture of sodium sulfate and dilute sulfuric acid. This changes the solution back to cellulose.
4. Then, the cellulose membrane was washed three more times. Remove the sulfur, then bleach the film, and finally add glycerin to maintain durability. Finally, cellophane is made.
Characteristics of Cellophane:
Resistant to air and water to a large extent.
Low permeability to bacteria and oil.
High definition and transparency make the content clearly visible.
Keep items and keep them fresh for longer.
Advantages of Cellophane:
Low cost--This packaging material has been around since 1912, and it is a by-product of the paper industry. Compared with other environmentally friendly plastic alternatives, cellophane has a lower cost.
Moisture-proof--Resistant to moisture and water vapor, making it an excellent choice for display and storage of food.
Oil resistant--Resistant to oils and fats, cellophane is very suitable for packaging baked goods, nuts and other fried foods.
Can be heat sealed--Cellophane can be heat sealed. With the right tools, you can heat seal quickly and easily.
Is Cellophane Suitable for Your Product?
Currently, cellophane is widely used in tea, cigarettes, food, cosmetics and other industries. If you are not sure whether your products can be packaged in cellophane, you can contact our customer service for consultation.
Tea box cellophane wrapping machine

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