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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Troubleshooting

  • Release Lime: Dec 04 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Vertical form fill seal machine is widely used, such as powder packing machine, particle packing machine, etc. But But in the process of using, we often encounter some problems, here we will list some vertical form fill seal machine troubleshooting methods.
 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
1. The machine is not running
a. Cause of issue:
b. Poor contact in power plug.
c. Circuit breaker tripped.
d. Motor damaged.
e. AC contactors do not match.
a. Eliminate poor contact.
b. Reclose.
c. Replace the motor or damaged parts.
d. Check ambient voltage or replace contactor
2. Sealing roller is not hot (showing ambient temperature)
Cause of issue:
a. Burning heater or damaged temperature control meter.
b. Damaged solid state relay.
c. Open circuit.
a. Replace the corresponding parts.
b. More solid state relay
c. Check the line
3. Can't control the cut point or cut half pack.
Cause of issue:
a. Wrinkles on the edge of packaging film or optical path quality problems cause photoelectric malfunction.
b. Photo head sensitivity is not adjusted well.
c. Pull film wheel slip.
d. Electric brake clearance is large or small or oil.
e. Transport film is not long enough.
a. Replace the packaging film.
b. Re-adjust the photoelectric head sensitivity.
c. Increase the pull force of the pull-up wheel spring.
d. Adjust the electric brake clearance to the specified size (or clean oil stains).
e. Adjust the bag long wheel.
4. Packaging bag is not well formed
Cause of issue:
a. Shaper is not adjusted properly.
b. The entire roll of packaging film is transferred left and right.
a. Readjust the former.
b. Fixed after correcting packaging film.
These are just a few ways for vertical form fill seal machine troubleshooting, if you encounter other problems, please contact us.
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