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Pre Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

  • Release Lime: Nov 29 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Pre packaging of fruits and vegetables is adding value addition with minimum processing, to attracting more sales value than it’s natural form.
Why pre packaging of fruits and vegetables attracting more sales value?
1. Prevents dehydration. It protects crispiness, keeps in fresheness and vitamins.
2. Keeps food more sanitary. It discourages handling, squeezing and pinching by the customers.
3. Time-saving. More people opting for fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks. For convenience, small portions prevent unnecessary food waste.
4. Kids like them. Kids and adults, will eat more fruits and vegetables in lunchboxes, if they are conveniently packaged in single servings.
Fruit Vegetable Packaging

How to pre packaging of fruits and vegetables?
There are many different types in the market. Some are directly wrapped in packaging film, some will be packed in bags, and some will be packed into boxes first, and then packed in bags. Here we will introduce one of them---pillow type packing.
This way is suitable for both packed in bags and pack in box first,then pack in bag. The vegetable packing machine is main tool. The packaging process as follow:
organize materials--feeding material--feeding film--forming--sealing-cutting--finished


1. Put fruits and vegetables on the feeding device manually (using belt conveyor).
2. The belt carries the vegetables automatically, and is equipped with an "electric eye" to complete the product position detection.
3. As the film passes through the bag maker, the bag maker makes the film into a bag
4. When the formed bag passes through the vertical sealing device, the vertical sealing mechanism seals the back of the bag.
5. When the sealed bag passes through the horizontal sealing and cutting device, the bag is horizontally sealed and the finished product is automatically output.

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