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What Is Flow Wrap Process?

  • Release Lime: Feb 14 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is flow wrap process? flow wrap process finished by horizontal packing machine. The main operation process is as follows:
1. Before you start
① Install accessories such as label holder and cotton support.
② Check whether the screws are loose everywhere.
③ Add a small amount of No. 20-40 oil to each moving part, and add high-temperature oil to the vertical and horizontal seals.
 flow wrap process
2. Preparation before operation
① Connect power and air.
② Close the leakage switch and open the main power switch.
③ Set the variable frequency motor to F30.0 and check whether the machine can run; start the machine to run dry and check for abnormal noise.
④ Set vertical, horizontal sealing, label temperature control table temperature (set the temperature according to the melting point of the material).
⑤ Wear cotton
⑥ Wear label paper
⑦ Install packaging film
3. Start-up operation sequence:
① Check whether the feeding handle, wire feeding handle and label feeding handle are disconnected.
② Feed the packaging film into the vertical sealing roll, and make the bag by air stroke, check whether the seal is flat and firm.
③ Close the thread-feeding handle and label-feeding handle, and check whether the finished empty bag is qualified.
④ Close the blanking handle and observe if the blanking time is correct.
⑤ The packaging film passes through the vertical sealing roll, and the film is jogged for about 30 cm (adjusted according to actual needs). Set the microcomputer to a fixed length, start the packaging machine, and check whether the bag is flat and firm. Stop the machine, set it to follow the label with the microcomputer, start the packaging machine, and check whether the bag is labeled correctly.
After the inspection, the material can be placed and the flow wrap process can be completed.

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