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How Does Shrink Wrap Work?

  • Release Lime: Feb 12 2020
  • Source: Sherry
In this era of rapid development, shrink wrap has brought a lot of convenience to the production of enterprises, and it is suitable for packaging products of various sizes and shapes. So how does shrink wrap work?
Shrink wrap is a packaging method in which the product is wrapped tightly by heating the film to fully show the appearance of the product and improve the displayability of the product. Companies that use shrink wrap should know that it can make the packaged product sealed, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof. And protect the product from external impact, so that the product has a visual cushioning.
Shrink wrap application range:
Shrink wrap is widely used in the packaging of various fast foods, beverages, beer cans, various wine, agricultural and sideline products, dry foods, and local products. Applications in non-food fields are also increasing, such as labels and bottle caps, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, building materials, etc.
What are the shrink wrap equipment?
1. According to the type of film used, it is divided into PE film, PVC, POF film shrink wrap machine.
2. According to the molding method after packaging, it can be divided into: cuff type and fully enclosed type.
3. The packaging method of the product can be divided into automatic stacking type and split lane type.
4. According to the heating method, it is divided into: constant temperature shrink wrap machine, heat shrink wrap machine, quartz tube heating, stainless steel heating.
Best shrink wrap machine
How to choose a suitable packaging method?
1. Determine the packing form. There are two commonly used types: One is a fully enclosed type, and the other is a cuff type. The closed type is all wrapped, such as cosmetic boxes, etc. The cuff style has a small mouth on both sides, which is generally used for beverages.
2. Determine which type of packaging film to use. There are generally three kinds of packaging films, pof, pe, and pvc. Generally speaking, PE film is thick, generally used for beverages. Pof and pvc are generally used in cosmetics, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes and other products.
What should I pay attention to when choosing a shrink wrap machine?
1. Check the shrinkage effect and perform related tests to see if the effect is satisfactory.
2. Compare prices. Between low and high prices, try not to choose low-priced machines. Because of the same performance equipment, the price will not differ too much. If you don’t particularly care about the brand, please choose an medium price.

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