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How Packing Machine Works?

  • Release Lime: Feb 10 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How packing machine works? The packing machine as an intelligent automatic machine, its working principle is very complicated, and the working principle of different types of packaging machines are different.
As a packing machine manufacturer, let us explain to you how different types of packaging machines work.
1. Multihead weighing and packing machine
It consists of multiple weighing units with independent feed and discharge structures. First, the AD weighing module converts the elastic deformation of the pressure sensor weighing unit into a weight value and stores it in a register. Then the machine uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically calculate the combination of the weight values of the weighing units to obtain the optimal and closest combination of weights for packaging.
2. Vertical particles packing machine
The film is fed by a material stretching feeding device, and the film passes through a film cylinder to form a cylindrical shape, and the side is sealed by a vertical sealing device. Then the material is injected into the bag, and the color seal photoelectric detection device of the horizontal sealing mechanism cuts the length and position of the packaging bag and performs heat sealing.
 How packing machine works
3. Atmospheric liquid filling machine
Self-flow filling is performed according to the weight of the liquid. This type of filling machine has greater requirements for the viscosity of the liquid. According to the filling mode, it is divided into regular filling and constant volume filling. Common filling objects are wine and milk etc.
4. Automatic shrink wrap machine
Use the principle that the heat shrinkable film can be shortened when heated. After the product is wrapped with a shrink film and heated by a conveyor belt through a shrink oven, the heat shrink film shrinks and then adheres tightly to the product surface.
Here we only list four of them. Of course there are many other types of packing machines. If you are interested in how packing machine work, please contact us.
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