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Small Cosmetic Cream Bottle Filling Machine 50-2000ML

Hand Operated Paste Filling Machine
Cosmetic bottle filling machine
The cosmetic cream bottle filling machine is mainly for filling medium to high viscosity products, filling volume can be adjusted freely.
Scope of Application:
This small cosmetic cream filling machine are built to accurately dispense and filling a broad range of liquid cosmetic products, such as:
. Balms
. Shampoo and Conditioner
. Lotion
. Creams
. Perfume
. Nail Polish
Cosmetic Bottle Filling Machine Features:
〇 Manual and automatic switching function: When the manual bottle filling machine is in the "automatic" state, the machine automatically fills continuously according to the set speed. When the machine is in the "manual" state, the operator needs to step on the pedal to achieve filling.
Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine Details
〇 The material cylinder and the three-way part of the smallc cosmetic cream filling machine are connected by hand, without any special tools, and the loading and unloading cleaning is very convenient.
〇 Horizontal design, light and convenient, automatic pumping, for the viscosity paste can increase the hopper.
〇 Precise and stable filling: The counter, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily and the filling accuracy is high. Accuracy can be controlled at 1%.
〇 The heating and stirring function can be added to prevent the product from solidifying.
Paste Filling Machine Filling Volume Adjustment
How to Adjust Filling Volume?
The adjustment of the filling volume is determined by the user according to the volume (ml) or weight (gram) of the required filling material. Because the specific gravity of the materials is different, the data in the counter is also different. By adjusting the travel switch on the cosmetic cream filling machine, you can adjust the volume and accuracy required by the user.

Our cosmetic bottle filling machines are specifically built to meet the constantly changing demands of the cosmetics industry. We are continuously striving to make our equipment able to accommodate more container shapes and sizes. Tell us your demand, let us design a cosmetic filling and capping machine for you.
Technical Data
Model Machine Size(mm) Weight(kg) Voltage
CK-GC300Y 900*420*350 25 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
CK-GC500Y 1080*410*350 30 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
CK-GC1000Y 1080*410*350 32 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
CK-GC2000Y 1200*370*380 35 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz

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