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What Packaging Is Used for Pasta?

  • Release Lime: Sep 05 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What packaging is used for pasta? The most used pasta packaging is flow pack plastic, either for supermarket size pasta 500 g to 1 kg. 
Flow pack is a very popular packaging method that can be used for packaging a variety of products, such as biscuits, vegetables, noodles, etc. Long pasta is often packaged this way as well.
flow pack pasta 
After the pasta is weighed by the weighing equipment, the pasta is automatically conveyed to the packaging part by the conveyor belt. It is wrapped in film, then heated and pressed to form, and sent to the horizontal sealing cutting knife for hot melt horizontal sealing and breaking. The finished product is then output through the conveyor belt. The whole packaging process is very simple, only need to manually operate the machine and observe the packaging process. Effectively reduce the packaging cost of enterprises.
Performance characteristics:
1. Positioning sealing and cutting is used in packaging, which can prevent the packaging film from sticking to the knife and waste. The platform for conveying products is simple and reliable, which is helpful for packaging, and is easy to maintain and clean.
2. In terms of setting bag width and length, it adopts the method of cutting and walking, with high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, and it will not seal and cut empty bags or beveled.
Structural features:
304 stainless steel transmission baffle: food grade 304 stainless steel has excellent thermal expansion performance and thermal insulation performance, and is environmentally friendly, hygienic and wear-resistant during transmission.
Three-servo intelligent machine: three servo drive system motors, more intelligent packaging products, with one-key memory function, so that products can be packaged more quickly and efficiently.
Full computer control, frequency conversion speed regulation, high-sensitivity eye tracking, and individual sealing temperature control, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
In addition to flow pack, there are other packaging equipment that can also be used to package pasta. Tell us your packaging requirements and we will recommend the right equipment for you.

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