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Energy Bar Manufacturing Process

  • Release Lime: Sep 13 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The energy bar manufacturing process mainly includes raw material processing, automatic stirring, automatic cutting and forming, chocolate coating, automatic material sorting and packaging.
 energy bar manufacturing process

Each step requires specialized equipment to complete. And our company specializes in providing the equipment required for the final process - the packaging process.
In order to meet the needs of different production scales, we provide different types of energy bar preparation and packaging equipment. But they work basically the same.
The packaging line is mainly composed of material sorting conveying, sinking conveying, sorting conveying, feeding conveying, packaging machine and so on. Mainly for Shaqima, cereal bars, nut bars, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and other products with similar shape rules.
Working principle:
After the energy bar is sorted by the material sorting equipment, it enters the packaging machine. The packaging film is fed through a drive roller and shaped. After the packaged material is sent to the forming machine through the feeding conveyor, it is sealed longitudinally, cut horizontally, and then output by the unloading and outputting machine.
1. It is mainly composed of main sorting and conveying unit, automatic material sorting unit and packaging unit, which can realize single and multiple automatic packaging.
2. The main conveying unit is seamlessly connected with the production line, working together, speed changes, automatic shutdown without material, and automatic opening with material.
3. The process of material arrangement, feeding and packaging is fully automated, free of manual process intervention.
4. Adopt self-developed PLC control, full-color touch screen display, visualization of packaging process, stable work and simple operation.
5. The structure is simple, the cleaning is fast, and the maintenance is convenient.
Our energy bar packaging equipment can be designed according to the customer's factory layout and front-end production equipment to perfectly meet the customer's production packaging requirements. Tell us your production needs and we will design a suitable solution for you.

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