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Stick Pack VS Sachet Packaging

  • Release Lime: Sep 20 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is the difference between stick pack and sachet? We can analyze it from two aspects.
1. Structure
* The stick pack is tubular in shape with an elongated configuration. Typically, there are continuous side seams.
*  Sachet is usually flat with three or four side seals.
2. Application
* Stick packs are mainly used for nutritional powders, sugars, flavors, and can also be used for some liquid products, such as syrups, shampoos, etc.
* Sachets are great for packing small servings like sports drink powders or supplements.
stick pack vs sachet 
Which packaging format is right for your product?
These two packaging methods are widely used, and many products can use these two packaging forms at the same time. Which packaging form to choose can be selected according to the product type and target market. For example, young people like stick packs because they are convenient, convenient, and can be unobtrusively integrated into their busy lives.
What kind of packaging equipment is right for you?
When choosing the right packaging equipment for your product, these factors are usually taken into consideration:
*Desired width and length of stick pack.
*Description and properties of the material
*Required packing speed (per minute, hourly)
*Required convenience options (Tears, etc.)
*Packaging equipment budget
Which products can be packaged by this machine?
*Liquid fillers (for liquid, gel and paste products)
*Spiral packing (for powder and dusty products)
*Volumetric fillers (for free-flowing, dust-free powders such as sugar)
According to the packaging requirements, some auxiliary functions can also be added, such as printing the production date and batch number, easy tearing and so on.
In fact, many packaging machines on the market are customized, and we usually design and produce according to customers' product and packaging requirements. If you have any needs, you can contact us.

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