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What Is The Price of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine?

  • Release Lime: Feb 20 2023
  • Source: Sherry
What is the price of pyramid tea bag packing machine? Its average price is about 18000USD. But depending on the model and configuration, the price will fluctuate. In addition, the price is different as long as the inner bag is packaged and the inner and outer bags are needed at the same time.
So what are the factors that affect the price of pyramid tea bag packing machine?
1. Weighing method. According to the different packaging materials and the requirements for weighing accuracy, there are two different weighing methods to choose from. One is an electronic scale and the other is a measuring cup. Choose different weighing methods, the price is different.
2. Combination of inner bag + outer bag. Some customers only need inner bags, and some customers want to add outer bags. If you add the outer bag, you need to add another device, then the price of the machine will increase.
3. Raw material
The raw materials of the machine include stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials, among which the packaging machine using stainless steel as raw material is more expensive than the packaging machine using carbon steel as raw material.
4. Specification
The specifications of common packaging machines are large and small, and large packaging machines of the same material are more expensive than small packaging machines. In addition, the thickness of raw materials and packaging machine finished products will affect the price.
5. place of origin
The level of economic development in different regions is different, and the fixed cost of producing packaging machines is different, so it will also cause differences in machine prices.
what is the price of pyramid tea bag packing machine 
The pyramid tea bag packaging machine is very popular in the market at present, because its finished product is more three-dimensional and has space for the tea to fully unfold and exude flavor. It can be brewed many times and soaked for a long time to make full use of the original tea leaves. The flavor will come out faster. Ultrasonic seamless sealing is used to shape the image of high-quality teabags. Transparent, consumers can also clearly see the packaging materials.
Customers are welcome to send tea to us for testing.
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