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What Size Shrink Wrap Do I Need?

  • Release Lime: Jul 05 2021
  • Source: Sherry
What size shrink wrap do I need? before you plan to buy a shrink wrap machine, this problem may bother you, because you need a suitable machine to achieve better packaging results.
In fact, the size of the machine depends on the size of your product. If your product size is large, then you need a large size machine; If your product size is small, then you only need a small machine.
There are usually two types of machines to choose from:
1. Semi-automatic-Small

This is a semi-automatic shrink wrap machine, mainly used for shrink wrap of beverage bottles, water bottles and beer bottles, etc.
*Adopting anti-sticking and high-temperature alloy sealing knife, the sealing is not coking, flat and strong.
*The whole set of actions is automatically completed by the cylinder, which reduces the work intensity and improves production efficiency
*The sealing knife has an automatic protection function, which effectively prevents the package from being cut by mistake, and at the same time protects the safety of the operator.
*The electrical components adopt well-known brands to ensure stable work and long service life.
* It adopts advanced storage heating method and internal circulation air transport technology, which shortens the heating time, reduces heat loss, minimizes the error temperature, and has a good shrinkage effect.
 Types of shrink wrap machine
2. Fully automatic--Medium
The size of this model is slightly larger than the semi-automatic, mainly used for heat shrink wrap of boxes, books, bottles and other products.
O For products whose packaging height is greater than 80mm, the sealing and cutting effect is better, and the sealing is neater.
O Easily adjust the sealing line in the middle of the product.
O According to the different heights of the products, the size of the sealing stroke can be adjusted to shorten the working time and improve the production efficiency.
O It adopts two sets of horizontal and vertical photoelectric sensors, which are convenient to switch, and can easily complete packaging for thin or small products.
O Using PLC, the operation is simple and convenient, with safety protection and alarm functions.
Of course, in addition to these two types of shrink wrap, we also have bigger models, it is customized according to the actual size of the customer’s product. If you interest in this one, contact us at 0086-15515573212

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