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Welcome Iraq Customer for Potato Chips Packing Machine

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Welcome Iraq customer come to our office for the potato chips packing machine
They have a small potato chips factory in Iraq, in the past they used manual packaging, but with the increase in production, manual packaging has not met the production requirements. So they want to buy a small packaging machine to help them.
Iraq Customer
We introduced the model to the customer based on their current production volume and took them to the factory to visit the machine's production process and operation. They are very satisfied and hope that we can ship the machine as soon as possible.
Irap Potato Chips Packing Machine
Why we introduce this machine to the Iraq customer?
1.Manual metering. The weighing can be changed at any time, and its material can be a mixture of different materials.
2.Chain bucket conveyor for easy delivery or packaging of multiple materials.
3.The host adopts touch screen and stable and reliable high-precision single-chip control.
4.Adopt spirally rising material passage to avoid the disadvantages of traditional direct vibration structure.
5.Multiple shock absorption mechanism, low vibration and low noise.
6.Users who dispense special materials can set adjustment parameters and memorize storage according to actual needs.
We hope that the machine can be put into use as soon as possible, help this Iraq customer save time and labor.
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