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Beer Bottling Machine Sell In UK

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The beer bottling machine is a very popular machine in our company. A few days ago we received a customer from the UK to ask about this machine. Their company in UK will buy a new and more advanced machine to instead of the old one.

Beer Bottling Machine UK
We introduce the 3 in 1 filling machine to the UK customer, and we will take the customer to the factory to see how the machine works now.

The machine is composed of base part, transmission part, bottle feeding mechanism, lifting mechanism and filling part.
1. Base part: Mainly supporting the various components, is the basis of power transmission, machine assembly.
2. Transmission part: The main motor drives the reducer, and the main gear is driven by the pinion of the reducer, so that the filling part and the bottle-holding mechanism rotate together to realize automatic feeding and automatic filling.
3. Bottle holder: It is composed of convex plate, bottle shaft, roller and other parts. Its main function is to raise the bottle tray under the action of the convex plate and automatically put the bottle on the tray. When the tray is moved to a certain position, the bottle rises, the mouth of the bottle is engaged with the filling nozzle and the filling valve is opened to automatically fill. Then the tray is continued to move, and when the plate is engaged with the convex plate, the bottle is lowered, and the filling process is completed, and the bottle is automatically lowered. This cycle completes automatic filling.
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