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Sold Shrink Wrap Machine to Malaysia

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We will ship the shrink wrap machine to Malaysia customer. He traveled to China last week, and by the way came to visit our company to talk about the details of the shrink wrapping machine.
 Shrink Wrap Machine Malaysia

He has a small beer factory, he want to wrap nine bottles in one group, for better transportation. But he used this machine for the first time, so he wanted to buy a small scale machine.
According to the Malaysia customer’s requirement, we introduce the semi automatic type to him.
The machine is ideal for shrink wrap of cans, mineral water bottle, beer bottle, glass bottles, beverages bottles and other regular or irregular bottles. Only need to manually place the bottle, the machine automatically completes a series of actions such as propulsion, sealing and shrinking, heat shrink packaging, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.
 Beer Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

〇 The film cutter adopts manganese steel blade, and is coated with Teflon, non-stick knife, and the sealing and cutting effect is good.
〇 The upper and lower membrane frames are equipped with a film-drawing motor to avoid problems when sealing with a large-volume PE film.
〇 Automatic induction film feeding, high sealing and cutting rate.
〇 The cutter protection system automatically stops the machine and alarms when the cutter is pressed against foreign objects.
〇 Intelligent temperature controller for precise temperature control.
〇 It adopts chain net transportation and runs smoothly.
〇 The furnace is equipped with a hundred impeller blades, and the hot air circulation effect is good.
We hope the Malaysia customer can receive the shrink wrap machine as soon as possible, then give us a feedback.
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