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Food Packing Machine In Nigeria

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Today our Nigeria branch hosted two customers, the Nigeria customers want to see our food packing machine. They are a snacks manufacturer in Nigeria, and they produce different types of snacks. They want to buy a food packing machine in Nigeria for packing their snacks. They also brought some samples and hope that we can introduce them to a suitable machine.
 Nigeria Snacks

After reading their samples, we recommended our combination weigher packing machine. The machine has many functions and accurate measurement, which is very suitable for packaging snacks.
1. The machine body is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, in line with GMP requirements.
2. In combination with the metering device, all packaging process such as food feeding, metering, bag filling, printing, etc. can be automatically completed.
3. The advanced PLC and servo system form the control core, which makes the machine run more accurate and reliable, and has high efficiency.
4. Touch type man-machine interface, parameter setting and operation are convenient and quick; can remember ten kinds of operation modes, provide control solutions for each change of packaging materials quickly, and improve work efficiency.
 Food Packing Machine In Nigeria

Combination Weigher Food Packing Machine Working Principle:
Turn on the power and set the temperature to constant temperature→setting parameters (pocket size and package weight)→manual feeding to the storage hopper for vibration feeding to the lifting conveyor→the food hoist starts to transport materials→electronic combination scale measurement→print production date→bag making→filling→sealing→cutting→finished product output
After show the working principle, features, machine pictures and working videos to the Nigeria customers, they decided to sign a purchase contract.
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