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Sold Spice Packing Machine to India

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Welcome the India customer visit our factory for spice packing machine. He runs a grocery India, and want to pack the spice then sell on the market.
 Spice Packing Machine India

The packing machine we introduce to the India customer is the our new development recently. Its shape is more beautiful, and the measurement is more accurate.
The machine is a device for packaging powdery articles that are not easily flowable. In the packaging process, stepping motor subdivision technology is adopted, which can intelligently control the temperature. Moreover, the metering screw is driven by a stepping motor, which can accurately weigh the weight of the packaged article, and the packaging accuracy is very high. At the same time, the error caused by the change of material specific gravity and material level can be automatically corrected.
 Automatic Spice Powder Packing Machine
Chinese/English display control system, stainless steel cabinet, only need to set the required parameters (filling amount, bag length, etc.). The control system automatically optimizes the match to achieve the best packaging speed.
The dual-source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, ensuring the integrity of the packaging bag. Intelligent temperature controller control, automatic metering, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting, etc.; three-side sealing, back sealing or four-side sealing heat sealing mode.
If you happen to be in India, we can arrange you to visit our India customer’s grocery. Looking for your inquiry.
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