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Lithium Battery Automatic Shrink Packaging for JA

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JA Argentina is a family-owned company that started in 1946. At that time, it hired European professionals to produce accumulators and separators. JA has a fully integrated semi-automatic process to produce panels, separators, lithium batteries and other products that meet the needs of the automotive, agricultural and transportation markets. Guided by quality assurance and productivity improvement, we pursue the best performance of our products and are committed to customer satisfaction. In 2009, ISO 9001:2008 quality certification was obtained for the manufacture and dispatch of electric accumulators. In 2011, obtained the CHAS certificate.
Equipment upgrade, in line with the concept of sustainable development
JA advocates the concept of sustainable development and takes firm commitment and responsibility to the environment. With the increase of popularity, JA's lithium battery sales have been increasing year after year. The original shrink wrapping machine has reached a certain age, and its efficiency has declined, and it has been unable to adapt to the current packaging needs. Moreover, the failure rate increases, the maintenance cost increases, and the packaging progress is affected. The intelligent upgrade of packaging equipment has become the primary problem that JA needs to solve.
 Lithium Battery Shrink Wrapping

What customers need, we just have it
JA company's demands for lithium battery shrink wrapping are very clear: Lower packaging cost, higher packaging efficiency and better packaging effect. This coincides with CANKEY's long-term corporate philosophy. The special packaging equipment for lithium batteries developed by CANKEY - cuff type shrink wrapping machine. Through the PID digital display temperature control, the temperature control is more stable, efficient and energy saving; the photoelectric sensor automatically detects the lithium battery, and the positioning preparation is correct. Constant temperature heating sealing knife, the sealing is firm and beautiful. The use of sensors to sense anti-cutting can achieve highly sensitive protection for personnel and equipment. Double fan hot air circulation + double temperature zone thermal insulation shrink, shrink packaging faster. Solid roller + high temperature resistant silicone tube roller conveyor, reliable load-bearing and durable. At the end of the shrinking tunnel, a cooling fan is used to cool the lithium battery, so as to realize rapid sealing and shrinking, and protect the lithium battery. This packaging method takes into account the intuitive display and packaging safety, and the packaging efficiency has been recognized by JA.
"We have increased our budget on packaging equipment. Because CANKEY has taught me that efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost are the most important factors."
----General Manager of Argentina JA Company
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