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Sale Shrink Wrap Machine to UK

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Welcome these two beautiful ladies from UK to China, and welcome to visit our factory for the shrink wrap machine.
These UK customers come to Zhengzhou, Henan for the first time, our customer manager first took the customer to our factory, explained our production process to the customer, and demonstrated how to operate the machine. Then we took our customers to taste some of Henan's cuisine.
 UK customer

The UK customers buy the machine for their perfume box, and they want to wrap different size of box. According to the customer's needs, we have redesigned the size of the shrink tunnel and are already in production.
Why the customers choose our machine?
1. For us
We are a machine manufacturer, not a trading company.
Our engineers are very experienced and can customize the machine to meet the needs of our customers.
 Shrink Wrap Machine UK
2. For machine
〇 Use anti-stick thermostatic high carbon steel seal knife, continuous line, non-coking, no smoke, zero pollution.
〇 Belt transport, from the front to the rear transport, to achieve automatic circulation process.
〇 The sealing action is carried out by sensing the photoelectric notification PLC, and then instructs the gas tank to seal the cut.
〇 The cutter itself has automatic protection to prevent accidental cutting of the package.
〇 Unmanned work, can be directly connected to the production line.
Thanks to the UK customer for buying our machine, I hope we can also cooperate in the future.
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