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Sold Masala Packing Machine to Chennai

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Chennai is one of the city in India, today we received a customer from Chennai, who come to our company for the masala packing machine.
 masala packing machine in chennai

We know that masala is very popular in India, usually sold in bags. This customer from Chennai do the business of masala processing, he want to buy a machine to help him pack masala, then sell on market.
We introduced him to this three-side sealed powder packaging machine according to the shape of his bag. Of course, the machine can also complete the four-side sealed, but some parts need to be replaced.
 Masala Powder Packing Machine Chennai

〇 This machine applies PLC series monolithic technology in the design process of filling measurement and bag making, and combines light, machinery and electricity.
〇 In the quantitative measurement, the screw feeding method is adopted, and the parameters of the controller and the number of turns of the screw are changed to make the measurement adjustable in a certain range.
〇 The control system automatically matches each action with high precision, and it is easy to adjust the length of the bag making and accurate.
〇 It adopts a unique embedded seal, an enhanced heat-sealing mechanism, and an intelligent temperature controller for temperature control.
After introducing the relevant performance of the machine to the Chennai customer, our technicians explained to the customer how to operate the machine and how to maintain the machine.
This Chennai customer offered to sign an order contract with us immediately and asked us to ship as soon as possible.
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