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Piston Filling Machine Sold to UK

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We receive a customer from UK come for the piston filling machine. In fact, it is a kind of body butter filling machine, used for filling different kinds of butter.
 piston filling machine uk

This customer have a small body butter factory, to increase productivity, he decided to buy an automatic machine instead of the semi-automatic one. In order to determine whether our machine is suitable for his products, he personally visited our factory.
We first took customers to visit our factory, then started testing the machine, introduced the detailed operation steps to the UK customer, and ask the customers operate the machines themselves.
 body butter filling machine

The machine uses human-machine interface technology and is equipped with a photoelectric tracking switch, which is suitable for filling skin care products such as face cream, body butter, shampoo, etc.
O The filling head is automatically inserted into the bottle for filling and quickly rises to reduce bubbles.
O Reasonable design, good stability and accurate quantification.
O Equipped with glass protective cover to ensure good sanitary conditions.
O The operation is smooth and noiseless, and the filling speed and volume can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
Because the machine is in stock, we will ship the machine to the UK in a week, hoping that the British customer can put it into use as soon as possible and give us a feedback.
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