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Shrink Wrap Machine Sold to Indonesia

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Shrink packaging is a very common packaging method on the market now, and more and more customers iqnuiry us about the price of automatic shrink wrap machines. Not long ago, we received an inquiry from a customer from Indonesia, he hoped to visit our factory in a week, and we certainly welcome it.
Today we picked up the Indonesia customers from Xinzheng Airport to our factory. After showing the customers our production process and demonstrate how to use the machine. And showed customers the characteristics of our machine. They asked us to make an invoice for them immediately, and they would pay us as soon as he returned to Indonesia.
 Indonesia customer

1. Using quartz far-infrared tube heating method, it can continuously generate far-infrared heat radiation when working, and cooperate with strong wind cycle to make the temperature of the heating chamber more uniform and save electricity.
2. The conveying part adopts a high-power DC motor, which can perform stepless speed regulation, at the same time, the load factor is high, it can work continuously for a long time, and the operation is stable and reliable.
shrink wrap machine indonesia
3. The transmission part uses the roller rotation to work, which makes the bottom shrink effect of the package more reasonable.
4. The temperature is controlled by a combination of a temperature control meter and a solid-state voltage regulator to minimize the temperature error.
5. All electrical components use high-quality brands, so that the quality of the whole machine is effectively guaranteed.
The machine will be sent to Indonesia immediately after receiving the customer's remittance, expecting feedback from customers.
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