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Sold Horizontal Packing Machine In Russia

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Horizontal packing is a very wide range of packaging machines, so many customers will choose horizontal packaging machine when they need a packaging machine, because it is suitable for different products. And this machine is one of our hot products. Yesterday, we sold one horizontal packing machine to Russia.
 Russia Customer

This customer is a Russian vegetable processor. He needs to provide a large number of vegetables to the local supermarket every day, but now he wants to change the packaging of vegetables. He said he had to deal with many different kinds of vegetables every day, so he didn't know that kind of machine was suitable.
According to his needs, we recommended the vegetable packaging machine to him, and purchased different vegetables from the market to demonstrate the packaging process of the machine. And ask the Russia customers check whether the finished products meet his requirements.
 packing machine russia
The machine can be used not only for vegetables, but also for fruit packing. It has a low scrap rate, because the transmission system is equipped with an automatic detection device, which will not allow the empty package to enter the sealing and cutting process, and will automatically stop the machine to pick up, which can not only improve the quality but also avoid the waste of packaging film. It has the function of positioning and stopping. In the process of sealing and cutting, not only the accuracy is accurate, but also the packaging film will not stick to the cutter, so the cost performance is very high.
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