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Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine In USA

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A few days ago, we sold one set perfume box cellophane wrapping machine in USA.
We know that perfume is very popular all over the world, and there are a lot of perfume brands. A few days ago, we received a perfumer who had his own perfume brand and now he wants to expand the market. So he wanted to buy a cellophane wrapping machine to change the previous packaging method and improve the marketing of the product.
 USA customer

Because the size of the customer's perfume box is different, we also recommend that he purchase two more molds to adapt to different box sizes while recommending the machine.
The model we suggest to him with following featres:
1. Adjustable packaging speed:
This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulating device, which can change the packing speed according to different working requirements.
2. Adjustable packing size range:
When the size and specifications of the packaged product change, only the mold needs to be replaced and appropriate adjustments can be made.
3. Sealing temperature adjustability:
This machine adopts microcomputer control for the sealed heating plate, which can set the heating temperature by itself according to the change of the external environment, and can keep it within the set temperature range.
If you need more details about the machine, please contact us for free. And if you want to go tto our USA customer's factory to see the working condition of the machine, we can contact this USA customer, and after his consent, we will send you the address.
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