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Wrapping Machine for Sale in Australia

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The cellophane wrapping machine is one of our hot selling products, and now the wrapping machine for sale in Australia.
 Australis Customer

A few days ago, we received an inquiry from an Australia customer. He said he will start the cigarette business, and the boxes are like hard pack of Marlboro. He need to wrap them with transparent film.
We introduced him to the model 300A at his request, sent him a working video of the machine, and invited him to visit our factory.
 Marlboro box wrapping machine
This machine is a multifunctional machine, which integrates film wrapping, folding, heat sealing and shaping. It can wrap cigarettes box of different sizes by changing the mold. The machine uses a stocker to supply the box, and completes the packaging of the cigarette box by a series of mechanisms such as film output, film cutting, folding, packaging, heat sealing, shaping, and discharging. After the two sides are folded, they are bonded by heat sealing to achieve sealing, moisture-proof and decoration packaging effects. Idea tool for cigarette manufacturers.
Now the order from the Australian customer has been completed, we will ship it next week and look forward to customer feedback.
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