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Vacuum Packing Machine Germany

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Today, we sold one set vacuum packing machine to Germany. This customer visited our factory last week and then we recommended the stretch film vacuum packing machine to him, but do you know why we recommend this machine to the Germany customer?
 Germany Customer

We introduced this machine to customers from the following aspects:
1. The packaging method of this machine is directly in front of consumers. It abandons the traditional pre-made bag packaging and uses a stretch film with stretching properties for packaging. Food is packed in the lower cavity after molding, and then packaged. The products packaged by this packaging method are sealed around and have a stronger three-dimensional effect.
 Vacuum Packing Machine Germany

2. The entire operation process is equivalent to a production line, including stretching of the lower film, forming, vacuum sealing, upper film covering, cutting and output of the finished product. It not only meets the high capacity requirements brought by the production line, but also is automatically controlled by the equipment during the entire operation process. Each operation link can be set on the control panel, which will free labor from the heavy labor come out.
3. Each time the machine packs the products of the same specification, for different specifications of products, it can be equipped with multiple sets of molds of different specifications on one device, so as to achieve the packaging of different specifications of products.
Through our introduction, this German customer decided to buy this machine, and now we will send this machine to Germany.
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