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Automatic Thermoforming Sausage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Thermoforming Sausage Packing Machine
Sausage Packaging Machine
Automatic Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine
The thermoforming vacuum packing machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of various foods, such as egg, sausage, meat, etc.
Sausage Packaging

Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Working Flow:
Lower film automatic forming - Artificial feeding - Upper film automatic forming - Vacuum - Sealing - Print date - Crosscut - Slitting - Finished product output

Sausage Packaging Machine Function:
1. Upper and lower film automatic marking, photoelectric packaging film punctuation tracking.
2. Automatic deviation correction of upper and lower film (to prevent deviation of packaging film).
Meat Vacuum Packaging

3. The sausage vacuum packing machine adopts combined mould, easy to change, one machine multi-purpose, mould with cooling system.
4. Use pollution-free special large vacuum pump, pumping capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour, vacuum pump maximum vacuum up to 0.1 millibar, stable quality, durable and reliable.
Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
〇 Convenient operation: PLC touch control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation.
〇 High efficiency: labor saving, high output, two people operate about 6000 bags per hour (based on bag 100 X 70mm).
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
〇 The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine contact with food are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which is easy to clean and does not rust.
〇 The linkage heat sealing device can set different working states according to different products, greatly reduces the breaking rate of sausage.
Technical Data
Model CK-DLZ420
Upper film width 396mm
Under film width 422mm
Size of the room 400×(200-400)mm
Speed 90-110pcs/min
Weight 1500kg
Power 10kw
Dimension 5.8*0.9*1.9m

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