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Horizontal Packing Machine In Romania

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Horizontal packing machine can be said to be a very wide range of packaging, and a very popular packaging machine. Yesterday, we received another order for a the packing machine, which will be used in Romania.
 Romania Packing Machine

This Romania customer will use this machine to pack chocolates, and in order to connect with his previous chocolate production line, we added a sorting line for him. Make it a fully automatic production line.
The addition of a sorting line completely changed the manual packaging mode of this Romanian manufacturer, and thus began a packaging mode that shifted from manual packaging to mechanical automation. It adopts central integrated control technology, which automatically adjusts the distribution according to the speed and quantity of the incoming materials, and the material is arranged quickly and accurately.
 Chocolate Packaging Line

The system flexibly diverts and arranges the materials through the guide unit. The lane-dividing unit distributes the product to each preset receiving unit through the lane-shifting movement; the material-storage unit divides the product into the buffer area through the instruction of the material distribution system. When the packaging line can satisfy the packaging, the materials are redistributed into the packaging line through the recycling system to complete the packaging, ensuring that the entire line can meet the demand for uninterrupted production.
This packaging line can well meet the needs of this Romanian customer, and we hope that this machine can help him get more profits.
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