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Sell Packaging Machine In Mexico

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Premade pouch filling machine is a new type of packaging machine that is very popular in the market. Last week, we sold this packaging machine in Mexico. Who will use the machine to pack banana flour.
Mexico customer 

Of course, in addition to packaging banana powder, this machine can also package paprika, protein powder and other powder materials.
In addition, this packaging machine sell in Mexico can also be used to pack granules and liquids by changing different metering devices.
Banana Flour Packing Machine 
1. Easy operation: PLC control, human-machine interface.
2. Frequency conversion speed regulation: Use frequency conversion adjustment device to adjust the speed at will within the specified range.
3. Easy adjustment of bag width: controlled by motor, only 8 buttons can be adjusted simultaneously with one button.
4. The parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food hygiene standards.
5. Double feeding station: can fill many different materials in one bag.
6. Easy to clean: the machine table can be washed.
This packing machine will be shipped to Mexico today, and we are expecting customers to send us a running video of the machine.
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