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Flow Wrap Machine Sold to UK

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Sold one set flow wrap machine to UK again. Who will use the machine to pack bread.
 UK Customer

This UK customer came to our company in 2019. But at that time our factory was out of stock, so he did not buy it. In February, the customer contacted us again and said that his factory was ready and he now needed to buy the bread packaging machine. And hope we can ship to UK as soon as possible.
This machine is upgraded and improved according to the characteristics of bread, and can be applied to different shapes of bread. The packaging environment is hygienic and reliable. No manual intervention is required during the entire packaging process, and the material in contact with the machine is made of stainless steel. The transmission system is simple and stable, which can not only realize the feeding, packaging and sealing and cutting, but also improve the packaging efficiency.
 Flow Wrap Machine UK

Packaging process:
The packaging film is positioned on the mandrel of the paper tube (film clamping device) → the bread is placed on the tailstock to be fed → the bagmaker is formed → the horizontal sealing device is sealed → the vertical sealing knife seat is sealed → the cutter is cut off → the finished product
In order to enable customers to better operate the machine, we remind you: during the use of the machine, do not put your hands on the machine's operating part to prevent danger. Always turn off the power during maintenance or repair.
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