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Liquid Filling Machine for Sale South Africa

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Our automatic liquid filling machine for sale in South Africa, who will use the machine to fill peri peri sauce-- which is very popular in South Africa.
 Liquid Filling Machine South Africa

Why the sauce filling machine is suitable for filling peri peri?
1. The machine has a stirring function, which can effectively prevent the generation of sediment.
2. Added anti-drip function to prevent material waste.
3. The filling volume is adjustable, which can meet the customers' requirements for filling bottles with different capacities.
 Peri Peri Filling Machine

Features of liquid filling machine for sale in South Africa:
The operation process is completed by automated procedures.
The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets hygienic requirements.
Easy adjustment of filling volume and filling speed, operated and displayed by touch screen, beautiful appearance.
With bottleless and non-filling function, the liquid level automatically controls the feeding, and the filling is accurate.
You can quickly adjust and change bottles of different shapes and specifications without replacing parts, which has strong applicability.
In addition to peri peri sauce, this machine is also suitable for other kinds of sauces, please contact us if you are interested.
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