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Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine
The shampoo filling machine is a kind of pneumatic liquid filling machine, mainly used in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries.
Filling Samples

Body Butter Filling Machine Features:
◎ The cylinder block, casing and hopper of the pneumatic liquid filling machine are made of stainless steel. The piston is made of PTFE material, which meets the requirements of GMP/Food Hygiene and is durable. Large capacity buckets reduce the number of refueling.
Shampoo Filling Machine Details

◎ Pneumatic control, hard positioning, so the filling accuracy is high, the accuracy of the shampoo filling machine can be controlled within 0.5% (with the filling amount as the standard).
Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine Details

◎ The feeding structure is driven by the cylinder and is specially designed for liquid filling. The feeding is accurate and stable, and filling speed of the body butter filling machine is fast, and the washing and dismounting is convenient.
Body Butter Filling Machine
◎ The work is stable, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, and the weighing feedback specific gravity tracking type overcomes the shortcomings of the change of the filling weight due to the change of the specific gravity of the material.

Shampoo Filling Machine Ordering Instructions:
1. Quality assurance, warranty period of one year, technical service for life.
2. Equipment qualified conditions: After the shampoo filling machine is ready, it will be installed and debugged in our company immediately. The equipment will pack the samples specified by the customer, and the shooting work video will be sent to the customer. After the customer confirms, the machine will be arranged shipping.
3. Packing: wooden box packaging for the body butter filling machine

Replated Product:
shampoo pouch packing machine.
Technical Data
Model CK-GT4T-4G
Voltage 220V  50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
SS Material SUS304
Pistion Material PTFE
Main Cylinder SMC(Japan)
PLC&Screen Delta
Filling Volume Range  100-1000ml
Filling Heads 4
Filling Speed 16-20 Bottles/Min
Machine Size (L*W* H)  2000*1050*1900 mm
Weight 350Kg

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