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Automatic Charcoal Packing Machine- Dosing and Packaging System

charcoal packing machine
charcoal dosing and packaging system
Charcoal is an essential raw material for BBQ. It is usually processed from wood and then packaged in bags for sale. Because the weight of charcoal is small, the precision of weighing is high. To meet this packaging requirement, we usually recommend this automatic charcoal dosing and packaging system to customers.
 Charcoal packing system

Application of Charcoal Packing Machine:

Applicable bag type: pillow bag, gusset bag, etc.
Applicable film: Various types of composite film, single-layer PE film, film thickness range: 0.04mm ~ 0.10mm
Applicable packaging materials: All kinds of snack food, quick-frozen food, pet food, puffed food, medicinal materials, hardware parts, etc.

Charcoal Packing Machine Features:

☺the charcoal dosing and packaging system has automatic filling, weighing, bag making, sealing, date printing, counting and output functions.
☺Multi-head weigher: Instantly select a combination from a wealth of weight combinations through computer calculation. Digital sensors enable accurate metering.
☺English touch control screen: The machine has its own fault alarm. Self-stop, self-diagnosis function, automatic display of packaging quantity, real-time observation and statistics of the workload of the machine.
☺Electric film reel: The external film placement mechanism adopts multi-linkage reels to coordinate the film pulling process, which is easy to install, simple and fast.
☺Custom metal bag makers: The roll film is folded through the metal plates on both sides to form a bag shape, which can be adjusted in size.
☺Heat seal: PID temperature control, heating bilateral turntable sealing, sealing the back of the bag.
☺End seal cutting: The constant temperature heat sealing cutter seals the front and rear ends of the packaged product to avoid curling or loopholes in the sealing position.
☺The charcoal packing machine with 1.6L/2.5L hopper, suitable for various materials, can be widely used.
 charcoal dosing and packaging system
This packaging system is fully automatic, if you are not currently looking for a fully automatic solution for charcoal, we also offer semi-automatic charcoal packaging machines. Whatever how do you want to pack charcoal, we can help you achieve it.
Technical Data
Model CK-LK720
Film width max 720mm
Bag width 110-350mm
Bag length 100-420mm
Packing speed 10-50bags/min
Packing range 150-4000ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 4kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 1780*1350*2000mm
Machine weight 800kg
Air consumption 0.8m³/min 0.8mpa

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