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Automatic Chifles Chips Packaging Machine with Nitrogen

Vertical Chifles Packaging Machine
Automatic Chifles Packing Machine
Chifles Packing Machine
Chifles Packaging Machine Scope of Application:
This chips packing machine with nitrogen is suitable for bulk materials that require high precision and fragility, such as pistachio, melon seeds, potato chips, plantain chips, etc. Quantitative weighing packaging of various granules, flakes, strips, and other irregular shapes.
Bag Types of Chifles Packaging Machine:

Diversified products, back seals, gussets, four-sided seals, standing bags, punching, etc.
 Vertical Packaging Machine Packing Samples

Chips Packing Machine with Nitrogen Working Principle:
Turn on the power and set the temperature to constant temperature→Setting parameters (bag size and package weight)→Manually feeding to the storage hopper, vibrating and feeding to the lifting conveyor→The material hoist starts to transport materials→Electronic combination scale measurement→Print production date→Bag making→Filling→Gas-filled→Sealing→Cutting→Finished product output

Chifles Packaging Machine Features:
〇  Independent temperature control system with an accuracy of ±1 °C.
〇 PLC computer control system, running more stable, can adjust any parameters without stopping.
〇 This chips packing machine with nitrogen can store ten sets of parameters and replace the materials more accurately.
 Vertical Packaging Machine Details

O Automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packaging film, no ribbon, no material, servo failure, no color label signal, automatic alarm or shutdown function when the glass protective door is opened.

Model CK-LK1000
Film width max 1050mm
Bag width 100-500mm
Bag length 150-700mm
Packing speed 5-25bags/min
Packing range 300-5000ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 4.2kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 2090*1870*2910mm
Machine weight 1200kg
Air consumption 1.5m³/min 0.8mpa

Combination Scale Features:
◎  The perfect combination of high precision and high speed, through computer computing, choose the right combination from the rich weight combination.
◎  The high-precision digital weighing sensor enables the measurement to be realized instantaneously, and the Chinese/English and other languages of the LCD operating system.
◎  According to the characteristics of the object to be measured, the opening and closing speed of the hopper door can be finely adjusted to prevent breakage and jamming.
Model CK-A14-1.6 CK-A10-1.6
Voltage AC110/220V AC110/220V
Power frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Rated current 10A 8A
Power 2.0KW 1.5KW
Weighing heads 14 10
Weighing range 3-6500g 3-6500g
Single weighing range 10-1200g 10-1000g
Weighing volume 1600ml 1600ml
Max weighing speed 130p/min 70p/min
Preset number 100 100
Machine length 1020mm 1050mm
Machine width 960mm 900mm
Machine height 1400mm 1330mm
Machine weight 420KG 330KG
Monitor 13.6inch 9.2inch
Precision ±0.3-3g ±0.3-3g

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