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Fish Food Packing Machine/ Fish Feed Packaging Machine

fish food packing machine
fish feed packaging machine
The fish food packing machine is mainly designed according to the characteristics of the feed, can be applied to different types of feed, such as pet food, cat food, etc. Mainly includes weighing and filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc. Automatically complete all steps, improve packaging efficiency and save labor costs.
Fish Feed Weighing and FIlling Machine:
☆ Using microcomputer + photoelectric technology control, high accuracy, fast speed and good quality
☆ High work efficiency, one machine is equivalent to the labor of several workers.
☆ High precision, can be used for weighing and filling small doses of materials, without destroying the materials during filling.
☆ Adopting double damping structure, the machine runs smoothly and has low noise.
☆ Small size, light weight, easy to handle.
☆ The packaging speed can be adjusted, and the weighing overweight alarm can be set.
 Fish Feed weighing and filling machine
Fish Feed Bottle Capping Machine:
1. Including feeding cap and screwing, it is widely used for screw cap sealing of glass bottles or PET bottles.
2. Electric control movement, rotating speed of capping can be adjusted freely.
3. Positioning device, easy to operate, high production efficiency, stable performance.
4. The capping range is wide, and caps of different diameters can be tightened.
5. The speed is adjustable, and the tightness can be adjusted according to different bottle caps.
 Fish feed bottle capping machine
Fish Food Bottle Labeling Machine:
☆ Accurate attachment position, good quality, high stability and easy operation.
☆ With fault alarm function, production counting function.
☆Effectively reduce product costs, improve the aesthetics of product logos, and enhance product competitiveness.
 Fish feed bottle labeling machine
We can provide different fish feed packaging machines according to customers' production needs, from small scale to large scale. 

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