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Automatic Peeled Garlic Packaging Machine

garlic packaging machine
peeled garlic packaging machine
automatic garlic packaging machine
garlic packing machine
The garlic packaging machine is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of garlic, divided into two types, one is packaged in a bag, the other is packaged in a bottle.
Peeled garlic packing machine

Peeled Garlic Packaging Machine Application:
This machine is suitable for packaging different kinds of materials, such as potato chips, shrimp, candy, biscuits, peanuts, nuts, chicken nuggets, frozen food, etc.
Garlic packing machine application

Garlic Weighing Machine Features:
☆ The perfect combination of high precision and high speed, select a suitable combination from a wealth of weight combinations through computer calculation.
☆High-precision digital weighing sensor makes the measurement instantaneous, Chinese, English, Russian, French, Arabic and other languages LCD operating system.
☆ IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, all parts are made of stainless steel, and the fully sealed design prevents the accumulation of materials and is easy to clean.
☆ According to the characteristics of the product to be weighed, the opening and closing speed of the hopper door is finely adjusted to prevent crushing and material jamming.
☆ The powerful automatic data statistics function can record the total number of packages produced in each batch, the qualification rate and the error of a single bag.
Garlic packaging machine details

Garlic Packaging Machine Characteristic:
1. Precision: Realize closed-loop control of position, speed and torque.
2. Strong adaptability: Strong overload capacity, suitable for transient load changes and fast start occasions.
3. Stop automatically when the cursor is not detected: Prevent cutting materials and save packaging film.
4. Memory function: You can store the packaging parameters and call them directly when you use them again.

The use of multi-head weigher peeled garlic packaging machine improves the problems of manual packaging speed and measurement accuracy, making packaging into an assembly line, so it is very convenient and fast, making it easier to pack garlic. If you want to visit our factory, feel free to contact us.
Garlic packing machine factory

Garlic Packaging Machine Working Video:

Technical Data
Model Composition Quantity
CK-HS420A Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine 420 vertical packing machine 1
10 heads combination scale 1
Z type hoist 1
support platform 1
finished output machine 1

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