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Automatic Gummy Candy Packaging Machine

gummy candy packing machine
Because the gummy surface is sticky, it will stick to the inner wall of the gummies packaging machine, causing the machine to block. In order to solve this problem, we upgraded the packaging machine, which effectively improved the packaging effect.
This gummy candy packaging machine is mainly suitable for:
Soft, sticky materials. Such as cheese, gummies, marshmallows, preserved fruit, candied fruit, etc.

Gummy Bear Packaging Machine Features:

1. Adopt high-precision, high-standard special sensor, the resolution is increased to 2 decimal places.
2. Factory parameter setting recovery function, support multi-stage weight calibration.
3. Automatically pause when there is no material, making the weighing more stable.
4. The gummies packaging machine can store 100 sets of parameter settings to achieve a variety of material packaging requirements. Help menu, easy to learn and use.
5. During operation, each linear amplitude can be independently adjusted to make the feeding more uniform.
6. Multiple languages are available, easy to operate, suitable for the global market.
 Gummies packaging machine

Gummy Candy Packaging Machine Mechanical Features:

☺ The main vibration machine with adjustable speed increases the versatility of gummies.
☺ Increase the amplitude of the line vibrator and enhance the fluidity of the gummies.
☺ Down-tilted special line vibration plate to ensure smooth feeding.
☺ The 60-degree angle small pattern chute is conducive to the falling of the material and effectively control the sticking phenomenon.
☺ Optional weighing material detection, accurate control of feeding time, material thickness, to ensure weighing accuracy.

We offer a variety of vertical form, fill and seal solutions. For automatic filling of candies, chocolates into different styles of bags, including pillow bags, stand-up bags and gusseted bags. Our gummy candy packaging machines are compact, easy to use, and well received by our customers.

Other Optional Equipment:
Filling machine: for filling gummies into bottles
Cartoning machine: When the gummies is primary packed, it is automatically loaded into the box.
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