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Himalayan salt is usually packaged in pouches or bottles for sale after grinding, can better help companies to develop salt business. No matter which packaging method you choose, you need a professional himalayan salt packing machine to complete this process. For pouch packing, we recommend this premade pouch packaging machine, which can be applied to a variety of pouch types and a wide range of packaging.

Sea Salt Packing Machine Constitute:

It is mainly composed of a salt feeding machine, a computer combination weigher, a working platform (used with a combination weigher), a packaging machine, and a finished product conveyor. Automatically complete salt feeding, weighing and measurement, bag making and filling, printing of production date, and sealing and output of products. All processes are completed at one time.

Working Flow:

 himalayan salt packing process

Himalayan Salt Packing Machine Featrues:

Easy to operate: Using PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation.
Easy to adjust: Realize full automation. Just input the required parameters from the man-machine interface, and each part of the packaging machine can be adjusted to the required instructions.
High degree of automation: Realize unmanned in the process of weighing and packaging. Automatic alarm in case of failure.
Perfect prevention system: the himalayan salt packing machine can intelligently detect whether the pouch is opened and whether the pouch is intact, and does not feed or heat seal if it is not suitable for feeding. No waste of pouches and salt, cost savings.
The sea salt packing machine meets the hygienic standards of food processing machinery: The part in contact with the salt is made of 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure the hygiene and safety of the salt and comply with GMP standards.
 Salt packing machine details

Safety Equipment of Sea Salt Packing Machine:

O No pouch or incomplete pouch opening, no feeding.
O No bag or no salt, no sealing.
O Shutdown alarm when door is opened (optional)
O No ribbon shutdown alarm
O If the air pressure is insufficient, the alarm will prompt
O If the sealing temperature is abnormal, an alarm will prompt.

Salt Packing Machine Working Video
Technical Data
Model CK-HS8-200-S
Packing Speed(bags/min) 20-40
Bag Size(mm) W:120-210mm   L:150-400mm
Bag Types All kinds of compound bags, such as flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand up bag, etc
Filling Range 10-2500g
Total Power 4.75KW
Overall Dimensions(mm) 1800*1700*1500mm

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