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Vertical Instant Oatmeal Packaging Machine Price

Oatmeal Packing Machine
Instant Oatmeal Packaging Machine
This instant oatmeal packaging machine is design for mixed oatmeal, mixed nuts, grains and other particles products.
Oatmeal Packing Machine Features:
Adopt intelligent thermostat, accurate temperature control; ensure beautiful and smooth sealing.
The instant oatmeal packaging machine uses PLC servo system, pneumatic control system, and large display touch screen constitute the drive control core; maximize the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of a variety of different products, which can be used at any time when changing products without resetting.
Can be made into pillow-shaped bags and hanging bags according to customer needs.
Single belt transport film, fast and stable, low friction and low loss.

Optional device:
Continuous or multiple packages, with cutting function.
Hook hole function (round holes and various irregular holes can be punched).
Supporting feeding and discharging conveyor.
Inflation and exhaust function.
Compressed air system and nitrogen generator.
Optional device of oat packing machine
The instant oatmeal packaging machine is widely loved by various food processing plants, and we arrange shipments almost every week.
Loading and shipping
Why Choose Our Packing Machines?
With complete functions and wide application range, it can meet the production needs of different customers.
Excellent quality, made of stainless steel, passed CE certification.
High-quality service, customized solutions based on customer needs before sales, and 7*24 hours online service for customers after sales.
automatic oatmeal packing machine
Technical Data
Model   CK-ZC420BZ
Air Consumption   0.65Mpa,3M3/min,6kg/cm2
Metering Device Volumetric Cup Device
Metering Accuracy ±3%-5% (depend on products)
Take Away Speed Max 60bags/min
Packing Film Width   180-420mm
Bag Length   80-300mm
Bag Width   80-200mm
Packing Film Roll Diameter Max.360mm
Packing Speed 5-70bags/min
Packing Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Packing Film Material OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,BOPP/VMPET/PE etc.
Power of SK-200 220V,50/60Hz,2.4Kw
Power of Material Elevator 380V,50Hz,750W
Power of SK-130 220V,50/60Hz,40W

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