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Automatic Kurkure Pouch Packing Machine Price

Kurkure Packing Machine Price
Kurkure Pouch Packing Machine
Kurkure Packing Machine
The kurkure packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-sticky and granular materials in food, medicine and chemical products, especially snacks, the kurkure pouch packing machine is very suitable for banana chips plant, potato chips plant.
Kurkure Packing Machine Samples
Kurkure Packing Machine Features:
❤ The machine can automatically complete all the work of metering, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, batch printing, etc. in the packaging process.
❤The control system automatically matches the movements with high precision, and the method of adjusting the length of the bag is simple and accurate.
❤ With a color-coded control system, a complete logo pattern is available.
❤ The design adopts unique embedded sealing, reinforced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller temperature control, and good heat balance.
Bag Types
❤ Packing speed and bag length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range, no need to replace parts.
❤ Adapt to a variety of packaging materials, good performance, low noise, clear sealing lines, strong sealing.
❤ The feeding method of this kurkure packing machine is the measuring of the measuring cup.
❤ The sealing form of the machine is three-side and four-side sealing mesh seal with easy tearing, and the mold strip has steel characters (printable production date)
Kurkure Packing Machine Date Printer
Kurkure Pouch Packing Machine Composition:
◎ LED liquid crystal display: HD display optional touch screen.
◎ PID independent temperature control: suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
◎ Computer control: set to cut, save time and film.
◎ Transmission system: Improve efficiency and maintain.
Kurkure Packing Machine Details
◎ Packaging materials available: polyester, polyethylene, OPP, etc.
◎ Fault alarm: timely discovery and timely resolution.
◎ Circulating wind power control box design: suitable for 24 hours work.
◎ Seamless welding: the hopper does not leak, does not dust.

Kurkure Packing Machine Video:(the machine can packing different products)
Technical Data
Model CK-LK480
Power 220V/1.8kw
Packaging Range 200-1000ml
Film Width 180-420mm
Packing Size L:40-300mm W:80-200mm
Machine Size 900*1100*2080mm
Machine Weight 450kg
Film Thickness 0.04mm-0.08mm

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