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High-Performance Rotary Bag Filling Packing Machine

rotary bag filling machine
rotary pouch packing machine
premade pouch filling machine
What is a Rotary Pouch Packing Machine?
A rotary pouch packing machine is a type of automated packaging equipment used to package products in premade pouches. It is capable of filling and sealing in a continuous process.
How Does a Rotary Bag Filling Machine Work?
A rotary bag filling machine consists of several key components:
1. Material feeding system: This part matches different feeding metering systems according to the characteristics of different materials to realize the packaging of granules, powders and sauces.
2. Pouch feeding system: This component feeds empty preamde pouches into the machine through a rotary system.
3. Filling system: This system fills the pouches with the desired product, such as food, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics.
3. Sealing System: This system heat-seals the pouches to ensure that they are airtight and watertight.

Benefits of a Rotary Pouch Packing Machine:
1. Efficient: A rotary bag filling machine can fill and seal pouches at a faster rate than manual packaging, reducing the production time significantly.
2. Accurate: The rotary system of the machine ensures that the pouches are filled, sealed with precision, reducing errors and product waste.
3. Flexible: The machine can handle different products and pouch shapes and sizes, making it versatile and adaptable to various industries and products.
4. Hygienic: The machine's operating environment is in a sealed area that helps maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.
rotary bag filling machine 
Application of Rotary Bag Filling Machine:

Liquid: tomato sauce, chili sauce, pasta sauce, mayonnaise, baby food, beef sauce, etc.
Powder: milk powder, juice powder, coffee powder, chemical material, etc.
Particle: nuts, grain, candies, sugar, chicken nuggets, frozen vegetable and fruit, macaroni, etc.
With the increasing demand for efficient packaging solutions, investing in a rotary bag filling machine can help businesses increase their production capacity, maintain quality, and remain competitive in their respective markets.
Technical Data
Model CK-HS8-200-S
Packing Speed(bags/min) 20-40
Bag Size(mm) W:120-210mm   L:150-400mm
Bag Types All kinds of compound bags, such as flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand up bag, etc
Filling Range 10-2500g
Total Power 4.75KW
Overall Dimensions(mm) 1800*1700*1500mm

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