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Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Jan 11 2021
  • Source: Sherry
What is the price of automatic shrink wrap machine? About 4000USD, but this is only a approximately price. The price is different for different models. And the higher the degree of automation, the more expensive the price. So this price does not apply to all models of shrink wrap machines.
 Automatic shrink wrap machine price
Can you send me your shrink wrap machine price list?
Maybe not. Most of our machines are customized according to customers’ demand, so the price is not fixed, depending on your packaging requirements. After know your requirements, we will send you the price soon, so please confirm following question:
1. What do you want to wrap?
Your product determines which type of wrapping machine is suitable for you, because some products are very sensitive to temperature.
2. How do you want to wrap?
Some customers want to be completely sealed, and some want to be semi-sealed, they are different machines, so with different price.
3. What is the size of your product?
The size of the product is different, the size of the shrink tunnel is different, the larger the size, the larger the shrink tunnel, and the higher the price.
4. How many do you want to wrap in one group?
If you want to wrap multiple products together, please tell us how many products will be wrapped together and they will also affect the size of the shrink tunnel.
If you have other question about the machine, please feel free contact us: 

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