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What Are The Shrink Wrap Specifications?

  • Release Lime: Dec 31 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What are the shrink wrap specifications? There are many specifications, from the small one(like rubber) to large one(like door).
Regardless of the specifications, we all have corresponding shrink wrap machine models to complete the shrink wrapping process. But before starting the shrink wrap, it is very important to confirm the product specifications. This is the key to us providing you with the right model.
 shrink wrap specifications
1. What product do you want to pack?
① If it is a regular product, you can easily measure the length, width, and height.
② If it is an irregular product, you need to measure its maximum length.
③ If you want to wrap bottles, please measure the specifications of individual bottles, and then confirm how many bottles are wrapped together.
2. Product Nature
Confirm whether the nature of your product will be affected by temperature.
3. Selection of film
① There are also many different specifications of packaging film. The film must be selected according to the product. The following aspects can be considered:
② What type of product do you want to pack?
③ Product weight, shape and size.
④ Color requirements.
⑤ How to pack products into film? (Manually or by machine wrapping, and which machine)
⑥ Will it be handled roughly?
⑦ Type of climate/environment it will experience.
⑧ Do you need specific features to stay fresh?(For example, oxygen or moisture barrier)
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