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Biscuit Packaging Machine Specification

  • Release Lime: Oct 11 2022
  • Source: Sherry
There are different biscuit packaging machine specification, according to different biscuit sizes and packaging requirements, there are different machine specifications that can be used. The commonly used model is CK-ZS250. Its specific packaging specifications are as follows:
Width of Film: Max.250mm
Length of Bag: 65~190mm or 120~280mm
Width of Bag: 30~110mm
Height of Product: Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter: Max.320mm
Packing Speed: 40~230bags/min
Power: 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Size: (L)3920×(W)670×(H)1320
Weight: 800Kg
 biscuit packaging machine specification
What else can this model pack?
This model can also be used to package cookies, vegetables, bread, cakes, instant noodles, pasta, etc. Multiple functions and wide application.
What are the advantages of this machine?
1. High degree of automation, the whole machine is controlled by servo motor. The operation of the equipment is safe and reliable, and the parameter setting is simple and convenient.
2. The transmission system is simple, reliable and stable. In reality, it can realize unloading, packaging, sealing and cutting in one step, which effectively improves the efficiency of packaging biscuits.
3. The machine can be positioned and stopped. In the process of sealing and cutting packaging, not only the sealing and cutting position is required to be accurate, but also the packaging film will not stick to the sealing and cutting knife during continuous sealing and cutting.
4. The unqualified rate is low. An automatic identification instrument is added to the transmission device, so that the empty package will not enter the sealing and cutting process. If there is an empty package, it will be automatically shut down and eliminated, which can not only ensure the quality but also prevent the waste of packaging film.
5. The packaging process is hygienic and reliable, and the whole packaging process does not require manual operation, and the contact between the equipment and the material is made of stainless steel, which improves the hygiene of the food.
6. The adjustment system is flexible and the packaging range is wide. Products of various specifications, shapes and characteristics can be packaged by this machine.
7. Save power, improve efficiency, and can perform functional adjustments and technical upgrades according to different market needs.
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