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What Materials Are Used to Pack Biscuits?

  • Release Lime: Jul 13 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What materials are used to pack biscuits? Biscuit packaging material consists of containers made of cardbox, plastic or tin. Many times additional wrapping, such as aluminum foil, is needed to preserve the product.
1. Plastic film packaging
Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material, there are two main forms:
One is bulk, which is to pour the measured biscuits into the bag, and then heat seal it.
The other is wrapping, that is, a certain amount of biscuits are arranged neatly, and then sealed with film. Automatic biscuit packaging machine is one of the main tools for wrapping.
Characteristics of plastic packaging:
Good sealing and barrier properties, light plastic, easy to form, simple packaging, and convenient sales.
 biscuit packing material
2. Carton packaging materials
There are many carton shapes, such as square, rectangular and so on. The price of paper is cheap, and it is easy to dissolve and has little environmental pollution. The carton packaging is easy to print, small in weight, and easy to carry. The packaging has good strength and a certain degree of compression resistance. It has good printing adaptability and adhesion performance.
3. Tinplate box
The tin box packaging is a biscuit tin packaging made of color printed tinplate. The shape of the box is square, rectangular, cylindrical, polygonal, and irregular. Tinplate packaging, good barrier performance, good sealing, high strength, can protect the product well. However, the material cost and production cost are relatively expensive. Large storage space. Mostly used for large packages or high-end gift packaging.
Here are just three of biscuit packaging material, welcome to share with us other biscuit packaging materials.

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