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Disadvantages of Shrink Wrapping

  • Release Lime: Mar 25 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Everything has two sides, the same is true for shrink wrapping, so what is the advantages and disadvantages of shrink wrapping?
 Shrink Wrapping Products
Advantages of shrink wrapping:
〇 Transparent, the shrink film is heat-shrinked and adhered to the product to show the appearance of the product. Since the shrinkage is relatively uniform and the material has a certain degree of toughness, the corners are not easily torn, making the product more beautiful.
〇 The heat-shrinkable package provides 360-degree all-round decoration for the item and is transparent, allowing the consumer to understand the performance of the product without opening the shrink film.
〇 It has good sealing, moisture-proof, anti-fouling and anti-rust effects, which can prolong the shelf life of food, facilitate storage and save warehouse area.
〇 The heat shrink packaging process and equipment are relatively simple and have good heat sealability.
〇 The heat shrinkable packaging has cushioning and toughness to prevent damage to the product due to vibration and shock during transportation.

Disadvantages of shrink wrapping:
Heat shrink packaging not only has advantages, but also has disadvantages. For example, packaging granules or other powder products, packaging speed is slow, it is difficult to achieve continuous high-speed production, and some products can not use heat shrink packaging.
Here are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of shrink wrapping, when you use a shrink wrap machine to package the product, be sure to look at these advantages and disadvantages correctly. If you are not sure whether your product can be used in heat shrink wrapping, please contact our customer service staff, they will analyze according to your product.

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