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Vacuum Packaging Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Release Lime: Mar 26 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Vacuum packaging is a very popular packaging method now, and it is suitable for all walks of life, but everything has two sides. Do you know the vacuum packaging advantages and disadvantages?
 Vacuum Packaging Advantages and Disadvantages
Vacuum packaging advantages:
1. First of all, vacuum packaging can keep the freshness of the product, no matter whether it is food or electronic products, it needs moisture and dryness.
2. Vacuum treatment allows the product to be extended for a longer period of time and reduces the cost of storage and shipping.
3. More beautiful, easy to transport, can be stored for a long time.
4. It can prevent oxidation, mildew, insects, moisture, prolong the shelf life of products, and make the packaging more beautiful.
5. Inhibit microbial growth and avoid contamination by external microorganisms. The spoilage of food is mainly due to the need for oxygen for the survival of microorganisms. After vacuuming, it can cause an oxygen-deficient environment and inhibit the growth of many spoilage microorganisms.
6. Slow down the oxidation rate and have a certain inhibitory effect on the enzyme activity.
7. Reduce product water loss and maintain product weight.
8. The products are clean and tidy, increase the market effect, and achieve market objectives better.
 Vacuum Packaging Machines
Vacuum packaging disadvantages:
1. It is difficult to inhibit the survival of anaerobic microorganisms.
2. It is difficult to use vacuum packaging for liquid objects.
The above are the advantages and disadvantages of some common vacuum packaging. In order to maximize the advantages of vacuum packaging, when choosing a vacuum packaging machine, you must choose the right one according to your own product to achieve the best packaging effect. If you don't know which packaging machine your product is suitable for, please contact our customer service staff, we will introduce you to the appropriate machine according to your product.
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